If you ever find yourself stranded, and need to start a fire, here's one tip that could help you achieve this feat.

Let's say you're stranded. You know that the sun isn't going to be around for much longer, and you need to start a fire. Maybe it's to stay warm, or maybe you need to cook some freshly caught game. Either way, this could help you out tremendously if you have a ziplock bag, and some extra water.

First, gather some dry shrubbery. Bark from a tree seems to work. You're gonna want something not on the ground because you want it to be as dry as possible. You're gonna grind that bark into dust. Put the dust into a small pile.

Then pour water about halfway full into a ziplock bag. You're going to twist to make it as spherical as possible. You then use that as a magnifying glass of sorts, and light the dusty bark.

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