A backyard BBQ ended abruptly after a four-wheeler stunt went terribly wrong. The moment was captured on a home surveillance camera and has since gone viral on social media.


It seemed like the typical backyard BBQ featuring a sunny pool day for this crew. The only peculiarity in the scene was the presence of a four-wheeler.

Whoever was driving the four-wheeler apparently was trying to show off a wheelie, as the start of the video shows the ATV with its front tires up in the air.


When the ATV's wheels landed back on the ground, things got squirrelly. The driver seemingly lost control of the four-wheeler as it zoomed towards the house.

Unfortunately for the pit-master, it wasn't the house that took the brunt of the hit.

Twitter via @TeezySooSkep
Twitter via @TeezySooSkep

Before the man in charge of the BBQ operation could realize what was happening, the four-wheeler struck the pit and took the pit-master along with it.


While everyone was seemingly alright after the crash, the BBQ operation was absolutely wiped for the day.

Surveillance Camera Captures the Moment Four-Wheeler Ends Backyard BBQ

See the full clips via @TeezySooSkep on Twitter below.

Reactions to the clip from Twitter below.

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