We know how special the people in Louisiana are, but I bet we surprise some people who are not from this area. Especially in hard times, we always come together and provide support to each other. We love to show those who visit Louisiana our Cajun hospitality. That is exactly what some people in Acadiana did for some linemen from Tallahassee that are here working to help us restore our power after Hurricane Delta.

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According to KATC, the City of Tallahassee sent their lineman here to help restore power for those that lost it during Hurricane Delta. The Mayo Boulevard Neighborhood in Sunset wanted to give thanks and show appreciation to these guys for all of their hard work.

A Facebook post by Britt Latch shows photos and video of the meals for the Florida crews working in her neighborhood. The crew, which includes more than 30 workers, enjoyed the meal with a sign that said “Thank You, Lineman”.

Latch’s Facebook post reads, “72+ hours and counting without power but we are forever grateful for all your hard work, tireless hours and selfless dedication to get our power up and running.”

Latch and her neighbors went above and beyond with a meal that included Evangeline Maid, delicious boudin from The Best Stop in Scott, and some sweets from Sunset Pharmacy and Gifts. But, they felt it was the least they could do because these linemen are going above and beyond for them.

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