The Sulphur teen who was stood up at prom just got a new squad.

After his story about being stood up by 18 "friends" went viral, many felt sorry for the young man. Others were skeptical, wondering what the "real" story was behind all the fuss—and then there were the people who just wanted to do something nice for the kid regardless of the details behind the story.

A Facebook page was set up to organize a party. The community came together to do anything the could to throw a special prom for the Sulphur high student.

And as you can see in the photo above, his fellow 2017 Sulphur High senior classmates came together to let the bullying victim know that they had his back.


Some wondered if this could possibly be some sort of publicity stunt.


But were quickly reassured that that wasn't the case at all.


Some people were also hellbent on there only being one or two people in on the prank and not necessarily the entire group. That logic was quickly shut down.


By the way, Jeff Guidry also commented that the teen who was stood up is pictured in the photo "he's way in the back, 4 people in on the left."

Even though his story is only beginning, it's hard not to appreciate this happy ending.

[via Facebook]