A 26 year old Sulphur Louisiana man is behind bars in the Calcasieu Parish jail this morning. James Domingue is being held on charges of rape, kidnapping, and false imprisonment in connection with an incident that was reported at a Sulphur convenience store.

According to Calcasieu Sheriff's Department spokesperson Kim Myers, Domingue entered the business and unbeknownst to the clerk locked the door behind him. He then lured the unsuspecting clerk to the back of the building pretending to need help to look for an item.  Myers then told the Louisiana Radio Network what happened next.,

When she went to the back of the store he grabbed her by the hair and drug her into a storage room and forced her to preform oral sex on him and then struck her several times in the face.

When the woman tried to resist Domingue allegedly threw her to the ground and raped her.He then took several items from the store and left the premisses.

She called 911 and when the detectives got there, they took some pictures of the surveillance video and were able to show the pictures around and James Domingue was identified.

He was arrested and charged and is currently being held. Domingue does have a previous conviction on sex charges stemming from an incident that took place in 2011 when he was charged with rape. He has also been charged with failure to register as a sex offender several times since his release from prison on the previous rape charge.


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