A young girl has come forward nearly two years after she says a man forced himself on her during what was supposed to be just a sleepover with her friends.

According to a press release from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office, it started when the two friends - juveniles - decided in the middle of the night to leave the home they were supposed to be at and meet Karter Bacque of Arnaudville at his home. The victim asked to go with them because she didn't want to be left alone at the home.

Detectives say the girl told them she stayed inside a back bedroom while the other two kids went into another bedroom with Bacque, who asked her to join them but she refused. After one of the other kids told the girl that Bacque wanted all of them to take photos, she entered the room to find Bacque and the kids unclothed. After the victim refused Bacque's alleged request to take off her clothes, she did take off her pants only. When she joined them on the bed, Bacque then allegedly raped her in the dark with only the flash of the camera as light. Detectives say the other two kids struggled with Bacque and the girl was able to leave the room and all of the kids were able to leave the home a short while later.

St. Landry Parish Jail
St. Landry Parish Jail, Google Street View

Timeline of the Alleged Child Rape

July 2020 - Bacque allegedly rapes the victim, who was under the age of 14 at the time..

January 28, 2022 - The victim reports the alleged rape to St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office detectives.

March 9, 2022 - An arrest warrant was issued for Karter Charles Bacque.

March 13, 2022 - 25-year-old Karter Charles Bacque was booked at the St. Landry Parish Jail and charged with second degree rape, 2 counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile and video voyeurism. His total bond is $65,000.00.

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