New Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida was the guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show. Jackie spoke with Hermida about joining the band, the 'You Can't Stop Me' album and working in lyrics penned by the late Mitch Lucker before his death. Check out Full Metal Jackie's chat with Suicide Silence's Eddie Hermida below:

It's Full Metal Jackie bringing you two full hours of metal. On the show with us this week we've got Suicide Silence singer Eddie Hermida talking about the new album 'You Can't Stop Me.' Eddie, gotta ask, what do you love even more about this band compared to before when you weren't a member of it?

Well, you know, being in the band … it’s a good vibe with these guys. Everything is trying to be really organic. We’ve all been friends for so long it’s just a matter of us getting along and kickin' butts together, you know?

From your perspective coming into this band, what had to be your No. 1 priority and how did you keep yourself focused on that?

My priorities were to just come in and keep the band moving forward, basically making sure we were all here together and paying homage and living up to our brother Mitch’s name. They all worked their asses off for so long being in this band together that I wanted to come in here and make sure everything stayed moving forward and the general attitude of the band was to never stop.

Working with lyrics that Mitch left behind must have been quite a surreal experience. Was there an overriding sense of responsibility you felt being entrusted with his words?

I don’t think we felt a responsibility to put those lyrics on. I think everybody read them and they were really perfect and I don’t know, what better way to pay homage to somebody than to put the last bit of work that they did on this earth on a record. You know the lyrical content meant so much to us that when we read the chorus of the song which was 'You Can’t Stop Me.' It just worked out to be so perfect with what we wanted to do and I remember writing it on the whiteboard and it was a reminder every day that we have a bigger responsibility to the world and to ourselves to put out this record and make sure that it was gonna be a banger.

The rest of the band were pretty certain you were the person best suited for Suicide Silence. What about you? Was it just as obvious to you when they asked you to join?

Not really. When the guys asked I kinda did a double take like really? Like, "Me?" I mean there’s so many people out there that have more tattoos and are tall and fit the aesthetic of the band a little bit better. But that was just the initial reaction and when I thought about it a second it made even more sense to me and once I gave it a second look it was just too perfect. You know the voice fit, the vibe fits and you know I’ve been homies with these guys for so long and it was just one of those situations where there was no way I was going to turn my back to my brothers and there was no way that I was going to toss aside a whole career like that. They worked their butts off for what they do and I’m not the person to say no to them if they are asking me to help them keep moving forward, you know?

When you were recording 'You Can't Stop Me,' what aspect of the songs excited you most and what are you most excited for people to hear now that it's out?

Honestly the whole record. I think that from front-to-back we did the best we could as far as writing a record that encompasses everything Suicide Silence has ever done. You know I feel like progressively the record is the next step from 'The Black Crown.' I feel like it was a continuation of what the band was already doing and with me on vocals. It’s an adaptation for me, it was trying to get that Suicide Silence sound correct.

Eddie, you guys will be on Mayhem Festival for the rest of the summer. What are your plans beyond Mayhem?

To tour as much as we possibly can so if you’re a promoter out there make sure you keep your ears to the ground and pick up the Suicide Silence show whenever we’ll be coming by. We’re definitely coming to your town and if you’re not a promoter, a kid that wants to come see the show and hang out, we will be in your town. Come bring us everything you want signed, as many cameras as you want to take pictures and we’ll be happy to meet you all and play as many shows as you want us to. We love what we do and we love our fans very much.

Awesome, thank you so much Eddie. Appreciate it.

Thank you, Jackie!

Thanks to Suicide Silence's Eddie Hermida for the interview. The band's 'You Can't Stop Me' album is out now and can be picked up at iTunes and Amazon. You can see Suicide Silence on the Mayhem Festival at these dates. Full Metal Jackie can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to

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