A couple of months ahead of the July 15 release of their upcoming album 'You Can't Stop Me,' Suicide Silence have unleashed the lyric video (watch above) for the blazing new track 'Cease to Exist,' featuring new vocalist Eddie Hermida, who replaced late singer Mitch Lucker.

Hermida played his first U.S. show with Suicide Silence at the recent Revolver Golden Gods awards, and Loudwire caught up with him on the black carpet, where he explained the inspiration for the album title.

"Well, the title of the album comes from lyrics that Mitch left behind," Hermida told us. "We were looking at the lyrics and were curious what to do with them, but we knew right away that that was going to be the title of the record. We actually had the title of the record before we started writing any of the music. But it was super fitting how the lyrics came together, what it means, and what the album really means."

Hermida continues, "You know Mitch passing away was something brutal. It’s something you never want to go through, but you’ve got to push through. There’s five members to a band, and when a brother falls, you’ve got to pick up the family and keep it moving forward. I’m lucky to be here and I’m very proud to be here."

'You Can't Stop Me' features collaborations with Cannibal Corpse vocalist George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher and the Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Greg Puciato. The special edition includes a cover of the Hatebreed song 'Last Breath.' Pre-orders are available here.

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