Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir recently thanked fans for their patience, then stated that he'd step back and let the music do the talking. After recently debuting 'Cyco Style' off the band's '13' album, now fans are getting a chance to hear the album closer, 'This World.'

The song is an all-out jam that finds a very catchy groove and rides it for all its worth. The track showcases Eric Moore's drumming and has some wailing guitar licks courtesy of Nico Santora and Dean Pleasants. The song is currently streaming at

'13' is the band's first album since 2000's 'Free Your Soul and Save Your Mind' and the early song previews show the band as vital as they were back in their '80s and '90s heyday. Muir co-produced the disc with Paul Northfield and the album is set to drop on March 26.

Look for Suicidal Tendencies returning to the road this spring on their 'Slam City Tour.' Dates for the run can be seen here.

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