Styrofoam to-go plates and cups could soon be outlawed in Baltimore after the city council unanimously banned them in restaurants. The mayor has said in the past she would sign the measure which aims to curtail the impact of the restaurant industry on the environment. The ban was the ultimate goal of Baltimore area students after they saw the trash that ended up in area waterways after a major rain storm. They took the push all the way to the city council and the mayor's office.

I have probably eaten out of thousands of these soon-to-be-illegal styrofoam plates in South Louisiana. Now that I think about it, some of the best food I have ever had came in a styrofoam container.

We have a "plate lunch economy" here in Acadiana that I have found to be pretty unique to our area. I have had friends call my bluff when I told them they don't have plate lunches everywhere. For now, if they exist in Baltimore, plate lunches will have to be served in more environmentally cautious containers.

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