You now have a chance to live in a popular piece of pop culture... for a very steep price.

The 'Stranger Things' house belonging to the Creel Family in season 4, and very quickly taken over by baddie Vecna just popped up on the market. The house, located about 90 miles from Atlanta, Georgia is going for $1.5 million dollars.

According to this real estate listing, they describe the house with 'Stranger Things' flair, which is obviously the selling point.

You will recognize much of what has been prominently featured in the show’s fourth season, including the majestic formal dining room where telekinesis is no longer practiced during meals; an adjoining parlor, perfect for playing Dungeons and Dragons; and a living room ideal for hosting meetings of the Hellfire Club.

Here's a peek at some of the house's interiors, and surprisingly, it's pretty gorgeous.

The house has some pretty unique features, and the marketing is pretty cool. If you're a fan of the Netflix show, you'll appreciate the detail in the listing.

The house served as the focal point at the end of the series, where Vecna battled the kids in the attic. The house, in the show, belonged to the Creel family in the 1960s, when a tragedy fell upon the family.

What do you think? Could you even think about 1.5 million for this house? Are they overselling it because of its popularity?

If I had the money, I'd be living big Vecna style.

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