Obviously this company missed the Disney "Gumbo" debacle.

Calling this gumbo is blasphemous.

Neilly's Food posted their "healthy gumbo" recipe to their Facebook page. But don't worry...it doesn't have any MSG, and it's low sodium. Quite frankly, it doesn't even resemble gumbo.

First off, there's no mention of roux. This version can be prepared on the stove, orrrrrr in the microwave. And it's ready in 20 minutes. LAWD!

The "meat" that is recommended that you add are crayfish (y'all, stop) or bacon (I might get chastised, but bacon doesn't go well with everything). The ingredients used are all dried.

Whatever insane person decided to put this monstrosity together, and call it gumbo needs to take a trip down to South Louisiana. I'm sure there are plenty of down-home folks that would gladly show these people how to make a f'real gumbo.

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