Stone Sour will be releasing ‘House of Gold &  Bones – Part 1‘ in October. The band is offering a snippet of the song ‘Gone Sovereign‘ from that album at in exchange for a ‘share’ on Facebook or Twitter.

‘House of Gold & Bones’ is a two part concept album. Part 1 will be released Oct. 12, with the second half to follow in 2013.  There will be 12 songs on each disc, and in addition, there are also plans for a comic book to accompany the project. After the departure of Shawn Economaki, bass duties on the album were taken over by Skid Row‘s Rachel Bolan.

“It’s really a morality play,” says frontman Corey Taylor of the upcoming effort. “It’s about a person trying to find himself, or herself. You know, everyone in their lives finds themselves inevitably at a crossroads when it comes to personal evolution and whatnot. Trying to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives.”

Taylor played the new Stone Sour song ‘Taciturn’ acoustically on a recent European tour. “That song translates so well acoustically. When I wrote ‘Taciturn,’ I knew it was something that could go either way. It could be a full band piece or it could be something I could play on my own. If I was going to give the people a first taste of what ‘House of Gold and Bones’ parts 1 and 2 are going to be, ‘Taciturn’ is a nice way to give them a cool picture of it, even in a stripped-down sense.”

Stone Sour fans will be able to hear songs from the new album live when the band plays a couple of U.S. shows in late September.  They also have some Japanese dates scheduled for the end of October.

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