Patty In The Parc 2016 gets rollin' this afternoon at Parc International in Downtown Lafayette starting at 5pm. Wayne Toups, The Chee Weez and Connie G with JB Saax and The Band will be on hand for what is going to be a fantastic St. Patrick's Day celebration. If you have a little too much of a good time, we've got the perfect way for you to stay safe, and save money doing it.

Below are your exclusive Uber discount codes for you to use. If it's your first time using Uber, you can save $20 on your ride!

When you stay safe, it always makes your good time even better.

Tickets are $15 for Patty In The Parc this afternoon and available at the gate all night, or at Marley's and Legends Annex Downtown until 5pm.

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