There's been conspiracy theories since it happened. Did NASA really land on the moon, or was it faked? According to famed director Stanley Kubrick...he filmed it...on Earth.

[UPDATE] After some fanciful research on Snopes, citizen Leigh Murphy Trumps has brought it to our attention that the above video is fake.

It doesn't take long into the video for him to admit that it was fake, and that it was him who filmed it!

"The moon landings ALL were faked , and I was the person who filmed it.” -Stanley Kubrick

He goes on to call it his masterpiece that he is now taking credit for.

It's said in the video that this video wouldn't be released until at least 15 years after his death, which is why we're just now seeing this video.

He says that the freedom that he's allowed in Hollywood came from doing the filming of the moon landing.

He admits to discussing his filming of the moon landing with famed directors Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, Barry Levinson and more. Levinson directed Wag the Dog, which was about this same scenario...and get this...the main characters name...Stanley.

Kubrick does admit that he hadn't been taking care of himself very well leading up to this video, and says he'd been drinking a lot. And it looks like he's drinking some sort of alcohol in this video as well.

With that being said, do you think he's telling the truth?

You're able to find this interview in longer form around the net. I've seen it up to 20 minutes long.

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