Could Some Of The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Have Been A Hoax?

First of all, it was no doubt one of the worst things this country has been through since 9/11. There has been a ton of conspiracy theorist taking to the internet saying many of the parents we were shown on the news were actually actors. I haven’t payed much attention to honestly. however, I came across this video and, well, it kind of has me thinking. You’ll see a girl, Emily Parker, who we were told was tragically killed in the shootings. Magically, she appears in pictures with president Obama days AFTER the shooting. Also, watch as the father of Emily prepares to speak to the media. It’s almost like an actor getting ready for a scene.

This is in no way meant as ANY disrespect for those affected in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. I’m not really sure if I even buy into this, but I thought I’d put it out there for you to decide.

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