By now, every music fan under the ‘Black Hole Sun’ knows that Soundgarden has reunited, with the legendary band recently contributing a brand new track called ‘Live to Rise’ to ‘The Avengers’ soundtrack. More importantly, the band has been working on a disc full of new tunes due out this fall.

Hard at work on the new album, the last place one would expect to see the band is on stage as the special guest at the 20th Annual KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta over the weekend in Irvine Calif., but that’s exactly where they showed up, making a unscheduled appearance.

Described beforehand only as “an original Seattle grunge band,” Soundgarden hit the stage at 8:30PM PT on May 5. They powered through a short seven song set, chock full of the band’s biggest hits from ‘Spoonman’ to ‘Rusty Cage’ and closing out the set with ‘Slaves and Bulldozers.’ They also played the new track ‘Live to Rise.’

Soundgarden Set List:


Rusty Cage


Jesus Christ Pose

Fell On Black Days

Live to Rise

Slaves and Bulldozers

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