Who knew the front cover art of an album that’s nearly 20 years old could cause such a controversy? The Smashing Pumpkins made their mark on the alternative nation with 1993′s ‘Siamese Dream,’ and in addition to hits like ‘Today’ and ‘Cherub Rock,’ the album featured quite memorable cover art: two adorable little girls with cherub-like faces who looked enough alike to be considered twins.

Things got strange last year when head Pumpkin Billy Corgan dropped a tweet claiming that the band’s current bassist Nicole Fiorentino was actually one of the girls pictured on the ‘Dream’ cover. It was a good story, but an unlikely one: Fiorentino would have had to be 14 at the time, much older than the girls in the picture look.

Turns out, it was a hoax: The Pumpkins bassist was, in fact, not featured on the ‘Dream’ cover. So, who was? One of them has since been tracked down and identified as model and designer Ali Laenger, reports TheFW, while the other girl remains a mystery. Think you know who the who the second angel face belongs to? Drop a comment below, and if it seems authentic we’ll make sure to get your claim over Mr. Billy Corgan himself.

See ‘Siamese Dream’ Album Cover Model Now

Ali Laenger

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