The whole point of album art is to create something that reflects what is inside and to have a finished package on all fronts that proves the band delivers and can be creative on all fronts. A stunning album cover will make you want to buy the album without even ever having heard the band before. So what happened here!?

All of these metal album covers are completely awful, but the music within doesn't always reflect that. Yes, there are some good albums in here, much like our previous list of 10 Awesome Albums With Awful Artwork. This time, we went straight for the knockout punch and compiled 50 Awful Metal Album Covers regardless of musical quality. Oh, don't worry, some of these albums are as bad as they look, but you'll have to find out which ones on your own.

Scroll through the gallery above to see 50 Awful Metal Album Covers and let us know which one you think is the worst!

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