The evacuation order put into effect yesterday evening due to a hydrated lime spill has been lifted as of 4:00PM.

The situation was remedied by neutralizing the hydrated lime residue. Several buildings, cars and the affected streets were properly cleaned.

Residents are allowed to return to their homes and resume normal activity. All residents within the evacuation area are urged to change their HVAC filters upon returning home.

 Mudd Avenue and the 300 Block of North Buchanan Street is now open.

The 100 and 200 Block of Buchanan Street will remain closed to through traffic due to clean up at the Lafayette Utilities System North Water Plant.

There is no public safety concern for the remainder of this process.


Homes and businesses in the area of a water plant in Lafayette were evacuated last night after a chemical spill.

A small quantity of hydrated lime was released from the Lafayette Utilities North Water Plant.

A chemical cloud spread over the nearby area that had the potential to result in eye, skin and respiratory irritation.

Some people decided to evacuate, and some sheltered in place.

LUS spokesperson Simone Sonnier tells KPEL several intersections are still closed this morning. They are the following:

  • Buchanan Street/Greig Street
  • Buchanan Street/Hobson Street
  • Mudd Avenue/Gladys Avenue
  • Mudd Avenue/Monroe Street

These intersections will be blocked off until the situation has been resolved.