Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo continues to mourn his late bandmate Jeff Hanneman with a new post on the percussionist's personal Facebook page. Lombardo shared a picture of Hanneman and himself from "around 1982" while regaling fans with a backstory on the punk rock roots shared between Hanneman and himself.

A flood of tributes poured out from the rock and metal community shortly after Jeff Hanneman's death was announced on May 2, perhaps the most touching of which came from Dave Lombardo. "I'm deeply saddened shocked and speechless," Lombardo began in a May 3 tweet. "It's difficult for me to write my feelings at this moment. My heart goes out to #KathyHanneman." Lombardo followed up with another tweet on May 4: "With every hand I had to shake and every picture I had to take a sadness loomed inside of me. Jeff Hanneman, I'm going to miss you."

Lombardo's latest tribute to Jeff Hanneman, which was posted last night (May 8), came in photo form along with a deeply personal anecdote:

This picture was taken at the Troubadour in Hollywood around 1982. Jeff was the guy that shaved his head and shared the music he was so inspired by. I enjoyed Dead Kennedy's, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and the Germs with him. My drumming was getting faster and Jeff was writing original songs with a Punk attitude. The fusion of Heavy Metal and Punk took over Slayers early mediocre style, hence a new force was born. Thank you Jeff for your inspiring discovery of Punk rock that has continued to shape my personal drumming style.

Stay tuned for more tributes to legendary Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman as they continue to come in.

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