The video isn't for the squeamish.

Marty McFly was a master of holding onto the back of a vehicle while he road his skateboard. It got him where he needed to go just a little faster. As it turns out, you can't really travel through time in a DeLorean either, so you probably shouldn't try out much of anything in the Back To The Future movies!

These two guys are riding side by side while holding onto the side of a vehicle. They both seem to be recording their endeavor when one of them takes the nastiest of spills.

It appears as if the falling kid looked down, and his board juts out toward the wheel of the vehicle. When it hits the wheel, all goes to hell. It sucks up not only his board, but his foot too.

This, of course, pulls the kid down to the pavement. It's not clear how fast they were going, but from the tire running over his foot/ankle, and hitting the ground going at any speed, this definitely left him with a beat up body.

The video does show the accident in slow motion, which is where I would recommend not watching it if you have a weak stomach.

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