Acadiana and all of South Louisiana should start to prepare for the threat of tropical weather for early next week.

Many of us have been through this before and we know of the necessities when it comes to preparing for a storm. Yes, we need batteries, water, flashlights, non-perishable food items, and even an evacuation plan.

But what about those who call Acadiana home? What does every Cajun need to ride out a storm or hurricane? By now I hope you have this station's mobile app for updates, but what about things other than that?

Here is a list of six things most Cajuns need when it comes to hunkering down for a storm. Somehow we always find a way to ride out storms, all while entertaining family, friends and even our neighbors.

Again, this should not be a substitute for all other necessities, but if you're in Acadiana chances are this is will be on your list of things to get when storm prepping.

Six Things Every Cajun Needs During A Hurricane


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