The Wolverine 3 (or 2, if we’re ignoring X-Men: Origins, and we should) hits theaters in about six months, which means we should be seeing a teaser trailer…well, any day now, really. Rest assured, director James Mangold is working hard to deliver the first footage from the upcoming sequel, but until then, Bryan Singer has confirmed a major X-Men villain for Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the iconic superhero.

You probably remember the very intriguing post-credits scene from X-Men: Apocalypse, which features a mysterious man retrieving a vial of Wolverine’s blood from the Weapon X base and placing it in a briefcase labeled “Essex Corp.” The sequel recently became available for digital purchase and includes a special audio commentary track with director Bryan Singer and producer / writer Simon Kinberg, both of whom confirm (via CinemaBlend) what many fans suspected: Mister Sinister is on his way.

Also known as Nathaniel Essex, the comic-book villain will appear in the new Wolverine sequel, which marks Jackman’s ninth and final on-screen appearance in the franchise. As for which actor might be playing Mister Sinister, signs point to Richard E. Grant, whose mysterious role has been described as that of a “mad scientist” — Mister Sinister is well-known for his nefarious experimentation with mutant genetics.

The villain’s proclivity for genetic tinkering (and that vial of Logan’s blood) likely ties into the creation of X-23 — a female Wolverine clone whose involvement was also recently confirmed by Singer.

In other Wolverine 3 news, director James Mangold provided an update on the progress of the sequel, promising that we’ll “hear and see things very soon”:

The Wolverine 3 also features the return of Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier, and co-stars Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Eriq La Salle. The sequel hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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