I like Avatar. Quite a bit, actually. On occasion, I have been known to defend the film, at length, on this very website. I would drop everything to hang out at Disney’s Pandora theme park if I could. (Stupid job, stupid beloved child.) But even I struggle to justify four Avatar sequels, which is supposedly the number of new films in James Cameron’s epic sci-fi series that will be coming in the years ahead. That's a lot of Avatars.

Sigourney Weaver does not share this problem. The series star told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview, that for those on the inside, Cameron’s massive plans make perfect sense:

There’s a very good reason why it turned out to be four sequels … Having read all four of them, I think they’re absolutely extraordinary and worth the wait.

Weaver also told EW the films tell a “big story” about “the peril of this beautiful planet, and [Cameron] is continuing the same themes of greed and callousness of the corporations and plight of the indigenous people.” So I guess the Avatar sequels all have scripts written at this point? Or they’ve at least got treatments or outlines; Weaver tells EW she’s read them all. That’s interesting.

Often delayed, the new plan supposedly calls for a quartet of new Avatars (tentatively titled Avatwo, Threevatar, Ava4ar, and Avatar 5: The Search for Curly’s Gold, or so I imagine in my dreams). Barring further changes or delays, Avatwo hits theaters on December 18, 2020.

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