Yesterday, I went to the Vans Warped Tour 2012 in Houston to see some awesome bands that I had yet to see. There were over 6 stages, about 100 bands, vendors, and RAIN! It was overcast all day long with temperatures in the 70s with wind gusts. Perfect weather for a festival in a parking lot in Houston, Texas in the summertime.

One cool thing was all the superheroes I seen crowdsurfing. The Avengers were there from The Hulk to Thor. There were even guys dressed up like Spider-Man, crowdsurfing on inflatable rafts. Sometime in the middle of the day, I got the Avengers to assemble for a group photo (see picture above).

Here is a video of the main stage crowd, which was massive!

I went primarily to see Every Time I Die since they weren't making any stops to Louisiana anytime soon. They did not play until 7:35. Around 5:15-5:30 (I cannot remember), during iwrestledabearonce, I decided to get in the pit and see if I can 'still hang'. It appears that I cannot. My ankle got stomped on and I twisted it. Here is a cool shot of the IWABO performance before the old man got injured.


Here is video of Memphis May Fire playing 'The Sinner' at the Monster Stage:

One of the bands I was most looking forward to seeing was Born Of Osiris. I play them guys on The Grindhouse a lot. They only played for about 25 minutes, but it was well worth it!


Here is cool video of the crazyness during Born Of Osiris' set!

As I mentioned earlier, I twisted my ankle during the show, so for Every Time I Die, my favorite band there, I had to stand in the back, but I got a cool picture of Jordan Buckley throwing his guitar in the air.


He caught it, by the way!

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