Seether have selected 'Same Damn Life' as the new single off their latest album, 'Isolate and Medicate,' and we've got the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for the track (watch above).

It should be noted that this is much more than just words flashing on the screen as the clip features a character with face paint singing out the lyrics to the song while the words play out.

Frontman Shaun Morgan recently told us of the highly catchy 'Same Damn Life,' "It's just a song that I was screwing around with in my studio and it was like two or three in the morning and I just started playing that riff and decided it was pretty funny. So ... I came back the next day and finished writing the song. I just wanted to write something that was fun ... It's got three different parts that shouldn't fit together but somehow in the song it all works out. It's a quirky little number."

'Same Damn Life' is featured on the 'Isolate and Medicate' album, which can currently be purchased at both Amazon and iTunes. You can also look for the band on tour at these locations.

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