Seether are now several albums into their music career, most recently releasing the 'Isolate and Medicate' disc earlier this summer. The guys dropped by the Loudwire studios to chat about the album, their current single 'Words as Weapons,' Shaun Morgan's musical inspirations and more.

The vocalist told us that he pulled from his journals for inspiration during the recording of 'Isolate and Medicate,' but what was left untapped might surprise you. "If it makes me angry enough or sad enough, I'll write about it," says Morgan. "It's the happy stuff that I feel that I don't want to get rid of. That stuff stays bottled up."

Check out the interview piece above in which the band also addresses the building of Morgan's new home studio in New Hampshire, the contributions of producer Brendan O'Brien and they offer some insight into the single 'Words as Weapons' and 'Same Damn Life' off the new album, which is available at iTunes.

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