Seether are hitting the home stretch in recording their next album. The band, who ended 2013 by releasing a career-spanning hits collection, have been hard at work on a new record while their compilation keeps them in the minds of fans.

Bassist Dale Stewart has checked in with a video update (seen above) on their new album. He reveals, "[We've] been here for about a week now. We've done most of the drum tracks. I think we have one more song left to do for drums. I've done bass on eight of the songs. I did seven in one day, which is a lot, but it's kind of cool to knock 'em out when you're in the groove or in the zone."

Speaking about the process, he adds, "It's been pretty painless so far, aside from a couple of hospital visits here and there and whatnot. But I think the songs are sounding good. I think it's going to be a good album and I'm pretty excited to hear how it's going to turn out."

While Stewart revealed how far along he and drummer John Humphrey are in the recording process, he did not mention anything about frontman / guitarist Shaun Morgan and how much he's done with guitars and vocals for the new disc. He did however state that everything should be done "in another couple of weeks."

Seether will be hitting the road with dates this spring. Check out their dates by clicking the button below.

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