Former NBA player Scottie Pippen was on the "Dan Patrick Show" addressing the time his former coach Phil Jackson took the ball out of his hands at the end of a playoff game and put it into the hands of a rookie, Toni Kukoc.

If you recall, Pippen refused to get back into the game after hearing the play on the sideline, and that has been well-documented in the Chicago Bulls history.

Now, Pippen is accusing Phil Jackson of being racist for giving the ball to a white player and not him.

Pippen says that he had proved himself and that he should have had the basketball in his hands for a chance to win the game.

If you didn't know, Kukoc hit a game-winning shot while Pippen sat and watched.

Here is the actual game-winning shot and reaction from Pippen who refused to get into the game after hearing the play call.

So now that we have refreshed your memory on the drama surrounding the Bulls and Pippeen, here's what Scotty had to say about his former coach while on the Dan Patrick radio show.

Now, since this interview aired and has made its way around social media platforms, here's what Scottie Pippen is saying about his interview with Dan Patrick.

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