A game called "Cowboy Pinball" happened at the 2019 “Bull Bash!” this past Saturday night in Kentucky. As you can imagine, this insanely horrible idea went very, very wrong.

"Cowboy Pinball" constants were volunteers from the audience. Each participant was placed in a small circle down on the rodeo pen. Then, a bull with a $100 tied to its flank was released into the pen. The contestants then attempted to snag the $100 without leaving their circle.

No way this could go south, right?

From yahoo.com -

"Video captured shows a first run of the game going off seemingly as planned, but then a second bull is introduced after the first one is taken off. The second bull seemed to have a much worse temperament for the event, and had no problem with charging the participants."

Reportedly each participant signed a waiver "acknowledging the potential injuries, accidents and even death that could occur during the event." 

This is one of the craziest things I've ever seen. I wouldn't do this for any amount of money.

Also, I wouldn't NOT mess with the woman in the blue shirt. It doesn't look as if her pulse even quickened!

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