San Diego Comic Con is without a doubt the biggest event on the industry's calendar, and people will be flying from around the world to attend panels, watch trailers, meet creators, and make friends. This year's event is bigger than ever, with so much going on every single day that it can be difficult to sift through all that information and decide how to spend your time.

With the event only days away, we've looked through the schedules and hand-selected some of the best events happening on Thursday and Friday for fans of comics, collectibles, TV and film, so you can be sure you don't miss that must-see panel or signing.


DC Collectibles
Room 9 - 10:00am
If you’re an avid collector of DC’s fine range of statues, busts and action figures, you’re not going to want to miss what gets unveiled at this year’s DC Collectibles panel.

Love & Rockets: Past, Present & Future
Room 9 - 11:00am
Sit down with Los Bros Hernandez to hear tales of the seminal independent coming-of-age comic, with special guests Mario Hernandez, Gary Groth, Matt Fraction and more.


Justice League Action


Justice League Action Video Presentation and Q&A
Room 25ABC - 12:00pm
Get a first look at the new Cartoon Network animated Justice League cartoon, plus the chance to ask questions to the likes of Kevin Conroy, Alan Burnett and Diedrich Bader.

Mattel & WWE Fan Panel
Room 5AB - 01:00pm
Check out the latest WWE action figures and get the chance to ask questions to the likes of Becky Lynch, AJ Styles and The New Day!

First Second Tenth Anniversary Celebration
Room 4 - 01:30pm
Celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of the most innovative independent comics publishers at a panel hosted by editorial director Mark Siegel with a line-up of great First Second creators from the past ten years.


IDW Revolution
Fico Ossio


IDW and Hasbro: The Revolution Is Now
Room 9 - 02:00pm
Later this year, IDW’s licensed Hasbro comics are coming together for a revolution, and you can get a first look at what that’s going to look like with a free preview comic and this panel featuring the architects of the crossover.

The 2000 AD Thrill-Power Hour
Room 29AB - 02:00pm
Superstar 2000 AD creators like Jock, Rob Williams and Lee Garbett come together for a look at what the next year holds for the hit British publisher.

Image Comics: Creating The Zeitgeist
Room 23ABC - 02:00pm
Creators including Kieron Gillen, Marjorie Liu and more come together to talk about how comics are cooler than ever, and how the best stories come from infusing them with the things you’re passionate about.

DC Rebirth: Young Gotham/Young Metropolis
Room 6DE - 03:15pm
Creators working on comics such as Batgirl, Supergirl and Super-Sons chat about the future of the DC Universe and what they have in store for the youngest heroes in DC’s roster.


Aaron Kuder
Aaron Kuder


Marvel: Death of X
Room 5AB - 04:00
Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso brings together creators from both the X-Men and Inhumans franchises to talk about the upcoming event and what it means for both teams.

Captain America 75th Anniversary
Room 9 - 05:00pm
Join Captain America artist Allen Bellman and Joe Simon’s son Jim Simon for a chat about the enduring legacy of Captain America in a panel moderated by Jack Kirby’s longtime friend, collaborator and biographer, Mark Evanier.




Queer History In Comics
Room 28DE
Love Machines author Josh Trujillo moderates a discussion of queer themes and characters in historical comics, with a panel that includes Trina Robbins, Emily Willis, Mister Loki, and Joseph Hawkins.

Dynamite Entertainment: The Art of the Deal
Room 8 - 05:30pm
Dynamite’s CEO and publisher Nick Barrucci and a panel of guests take you through what’s to come from the publisher in the coming year.




Marvel’s Luke Cage
Ballroom 20 - 05:45pm
The cast of the next hit Netflix show makes their first public appearance to talk about the hotly anticipated series, answer fan questions, and most importantly, give those in attendence an exclusive look at the show.

It Gets Geekier: How Being Gay And Nerdy Turned Out For The Best
Room 24ABC - 07:30pm
A panel of queer professionals including James Tynion IV, Noelle Stevenson and Steve Orlando chat about how embracing their sexuality has made them better comics creators and happier people.



Cartoon Network: Steven Universe
Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront - 10:15am
The cast and crew of Steven Universe come together to answer questions, show off exclusive clips of upcoming episodes, and even perform some of the musical numbers from the show!

DC Suicide Squad: Most Wanted
Room 6DE - 11:15am
The creators of DC’s Suicide Squad comics gather to talk about the next year’s plans for the line in the wake of the upcoming hit movie adaptation.

Hasbro Star Wars
Room 7AB - 12:00pm
The staff of Hasbro will talk about the process of creating some of their most popular Star Wars action figures, and rumors has it they’ll be unveiling a brand new figure.


Nether Realm
Nether Realm


Injustice 2 Sneak Peek
Room 6DE - 12:30pm
Nether Realm’s creative director Ed Boon leads an all-star panel, including writer Tom Taylor and a host of voice actors, in previewing the sequel to the hit superhero beat-em-up while discussing the new additions and improvements and talking about the massively popular comic book adaptation.

Marvel NOW: Divided We Stand
Room 5AB 12:30pm
Axel Alonso, Sana Amanat, and a host of creators on some of Marvel’s most popular titles come together to talk about the future of the Marvel Universe post-Civil War II.

Transgender in Popular Media: From The Funny Pages to the Silver Screen
Room 28DE - 02:00pm
Prism Comics hosts a discussion about the importance in trans representation in all forms of media, with a panel of all-star creators including Shadi Petosky, Billy White Acre, and Kylie Wu.

DC Rebirth: Justice League
Room 6DE - 03:00pm
Creators behind the Justice League line of comics, including Aquaman’s Brad Walker, The Flash’s Joshua Williamson, and Cyborg’s John Semper, discuss the upcoming plans for the most iconic heroes in the DC Universe, and Aquaman.

Comics From The Squared Circle
Room 8 - 05:30pm
The links between comic books and pro wrestling have never been closer, and this panel features the likes of Chavo Guerrero, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, and Mike Kingston talking about the storytelling similarities between the two mediums.


Gerard Way
Gerard Way


DC Young Animal
Room 5AB - 05:30pm
Young Animal is one of the most hotly anticipated initiatives this year in comics, and Gerard Way, Jon Rivera, and Cecil Castellucci are going to discuss the pop-up imprint and what it means to make comics for dangerous humans.

AMC’s Preacher
Hall H - 06:30pm
Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg join Garth Ennis and the cast of the show to talk about adapting the hit Vertigo comic for the screen and the changes that come along with it. Moderated by Kevin Smith, the panel also includes a live reading of the newest episode.

Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront - 08:00pm
The biggest comic book industry awards of the year, the illustrious Eisner Awards determine the best of the best in comics. Hosted by John Barrowman.


Check back tomorrow for the hottest panels and events happening on Saturday and Sunday, including looks at movies from Marvel and DC like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman, and check in all week for the latest news and announcements from the show.

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