Can somebody get Ellen on the line?

I'll admit it—I'm a sucker for a good story where social media is used for good instead of evil and this week, that story involves two young Saints fans who apparently had the time of their life this past Sunday in the Superdome.

According to a Facebook post by Lafayette woman Danielle Ayo Trahan, she sat next to two brothers from Baton Rouge at this past Sunday's game between the Saints and the Panthers. It was their first game in the Dome and the boys definitely witnessed a thriller. Trahan says she eventually found out they only had two tickets to the game, so their father brought them to the front door and told them he would be waiting outside while they enjoyed the game.

Trahan wanted to make sure the young men had photos of their incredible first game experience, so she took to social media and shared their story.

Almost instantly social media did its thing and soon the shares were in the thousands. Eventually, both parents of the young men were able to see the kind words shared about their boys—and when all was said and done, the magical Who Dat Nation had done its job.

Danielle says she hopes that one day her family and their family can enjoy a game together, but how incredible would it be if we could have the Saints (or maybe even Ellen) step in to make that dream a reality?

I truly loved reading this story and as a season ticket-holding Saints fan, Danielle's words touched my heart because I've been able to witness plenty of young kids enjoy their first game and its really an incredible sight to see.

Let's share this and make it happen. I'll be sure to report back when they're all in the dome together!

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