Saint Asonia -- put that name in your memory bank! Why? Because it appears to be the moniker for rock's next supergroup with an impressive resume to boot.

A new teaser clip has surfaced online stating that the combined forces behind the group have amassed 25 Top 10 rock singles and 17 No. 1 hit songs. Though the official lineup has yet to be revealed, it's pretty obvious who the vocalist in the teaser is, as he should be familiar to most viewers as the former singer of a band which has dominated rock radio for the past decade, generating many of the singles and No. 1 tracks that are part of the combined band tally.

As for the remaining members, the Saint Asonia teaser is a little better in disguising their identities, but feel free to watch it multiple times in order to discern what the rest of the lineup may be.

The trailer also provides a pretty rocking song playing over the visuals that sounds like a natural fit for rock radio and is a promising start for the band. The clip also teases the date May 16, so stay tuned to find out more about Saint Asonia.

Still Can't Figure It Out? You MAY See the Singer in This Rock Birthdays Gallery:

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