There's a new food craze in Moscow, and it's from a rodent that Louisianians are familiar with!

We're very familiar with the nutria rat here in south Louisiana, but for some reason we don't find it on many menus in might have something to do with the fact that RAT is in the name?

The Krasnodar Bistro is a restaurant that specializes in southern Russian cuisine. They've put the nutria burger on their menu. A chef from the bistro says that the nutria burger is simple, tasty, and full of nutrients.

They don't throw the whole rat on a patty or anything. They use the meat, and liver from the nutria.

If you're hittin up Russia for a nutria burger, it'll cost you around 550 rubles, or about $8.50 USD.

For some reason, this is all I can think of:

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