The first half of the '80s was a transitional period for rock and metal, as many key '70s artists relinquished traditional instrumentation, audacious songwriting and organic production in favor of more accessible and synthetic approaches.

All the while, the rise of glam rock/metal, dance-pop, contemporary R&B and new wave demonstrated that mainstream tastes were shifting.

Of course, the early part of the decade – and 1982, in particular – also saw plenty of seminal groups releasing great albums (Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast, Judas Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance and ScorpionsBlackout, to name a few).

With that in mind, we’ve chosen 10 live line-ups from that year that we really wish we could see again. Granted, some of these acts weren’t at the top of their game, yet their setlists – and/or the circumstances surrounding their performances – made their shows unmissable.

So head down below to check out 10 Rock + Metal Tours We Wish We Could See Now.

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