This is awesome, and scary at the same time! Robots and humans will now be able to share skin. First off, it's good in that it can be valuable to the medical field. It's SCARY because WHY THE HELL DOES A ROBOT NEED SKIN?!?!? I've seen the Terminator series one too many times to be ok with this! Read more on the story after the jump.

According to Guyism:


It works like this: carbon nanotubes are bent to act like springs, and then sprayed into a thin layer of silicon.  The effect is of a thin film that can be stretched in all sorts of directions and spring back into its old shape once you take the pressure off.Even better, you can apply another layer and turn it into a pressure sensor.  Why’s that important?  Because it means it can be applied to, say, a prosthetic leg and offer feedback to the wearer about what they’re stepping on.  In other words, it’ll make prosthetics that much better.

So, ok...medically, I get it. It's awesome. Darkman aside, once again, I ask...WHY ROBOTS!?!? Skynet will be happy to read about this, ammarite??

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