We recently reported details about Rob Zombie’s upcoming remix album titled ‘Mondo Sex Head.’ Now, the Jonathan ‘J-Devil’ Davis remix of ‘Thunder Kiss ’65′ is available at iTunes.

Fans first got their taste of ‘Thunder Kiss ‘65’ in the early ’90s when it was released off of White Zombie’s third album ‘La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1.’

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Zombie talks about the forthcoming remix disc by saying, “I’ve made records like this in the past, but over the years it seems like the interest in this type of thing had waned . . . so I stopped for a while. But recently I had been hearing how a bunch of the new DJs and mixers were using my stuff in their shows and mixes.“

He adds, “So I figured the demand had returned. Everything old is new again, I guess. I let the remixers run wild. If I like it. I use it. If I don’t, I skip it.”

Zombie also goes on to express his liking of the Korn frontman’s mix of the White Zombie track by saying, “I like the J-Devil remix of “Thunder Kiss 65.” It is always cool to hear a 20-year old track sound fresh again to a new audience.”

‘Mondo Sex Head’ is due out Aug. 7; you can purchase the remix of ‘Thunder Kiss ’65’ at iTunes.

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