As Rob Zombie puts the finishing touches on his upcoming witchcraft horror flick ‘The Lords of Salem,’ he is simultaneously preparing to enter the studio to record what he calls his “best record yet.”

Zombie and his crew just finished their co-headlining tour with Megadeth, and as we learned in our exclusive interview with Zombie, the band already has quite a bit of material ready to go. The latest news from Zombie’s official website furthers the notion that they are ready to get down to business.

Bob Marlette, known for in the world of rock for his work with bands like Black Sabbath, Shinedown and Seether, has been announced as the producer for Zombie’s forthcoming fifth solo album. Marlette established a working relationship with current Zombie guitarist John 5 on the first album he produced, Red Square Black’s 1994 ‘Square’ EP, and later on a Marilyn Manson release.

New music isn’t the only thing Zombie is ready to unleash, first we will see his next film ‘The Lords of Salem,’ which hits theaters later this year. The movie is based on the idea of the Salem witch trials, where 20 people were executed and falsely imprisoned for suspicion of witchcraft.

“What if some of the people weren’t innocent?” Zombie tells Artisan News of the basis for his film. “The movie sort of plays off the idea that some of the people killed in the 1690s were really witches and they were secretly executed by this group — nobody knows about it.  It’s not in the history. So I took the facts and perverted them, obviously — and they put a curse on the descendants of Salem at that time when they were burned alive. And that’s what the movie, kind of, is about.”

History wasn’t the only thing Zombie rearranged for his new film, the director also changed up the way he shot the film, going, this time, for a much larger feel. I wanted to do something more — just to force myself to do it — more controlled and composed,” says Zombie. “It makes the movie look gigantic compared to the other films because it just has this really grand approach to it, which is what I really wanted to do.”

Rob is expected to put the finalize the film next month and will release it at some point in 2012. The new album has no target date as of yet, but will likely surface in 2013.

Watch Rob Zombie Talk to Artisan News About ‘Lords of Salem’

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