Legendary wrestler The Nature Boy Ric Flair proved that he's still going reeeeeaaaal strong at 67 years of age.

Understandably, he gives more of a "Whoa" than a "WOO!" after the lift.

That's nothing short of impressive!

According to Men's Fitness, your one rep max as far as strength is concerned goes like this:

  • Less than your body weight = Damn, you're weak
  • 1.25 x your body weight = You're average
  • 1.5 x body weight = You're pretty strong
  • 2 x body weight = You're a beast!

With a quick Google search, I found that Ric Flair weighs 243 lbs. Twice his body weight would be 486 lbs. One and a half times his body weight 364.5 lbs. That puts him in between "You're pretty strong," and "You're a beast!"

One thing they didn't add in there was age. I can't imagine that just any 67-year-old is gonna come in hot with the "You're a beast!" moniker on. So, with that, I'll say that Ric Flair, at 67-years-old, deadlifting 400 lbs, is definitely a beast!

As you can see in the caption, he says, "I.Will.Never.Retire." and at this point I don't have any reason not to believe him.

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