It's becoming more and more common for families to dine out for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays. There are plenty of restaurants open on Thanksgiving if you're planning on skipping the traditional dinner at home. The list grows every year. As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving is Cracker Barrel's busiest day of the year. Fun fact: The restaurant actually serves Thanksgiving dinner every Thursday (ask for the Thursday Turkey N' Dressing special). On Thanksgiving Day, every location is open during regular hours (6 a.m. to 10 p.m.) preparing dine-in meals as well as several carryout options.

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Whether you're just not in the mood for all of the preparing and cooking, or you're not having house guests and simply craving something, I've put together a list of restaurants that will be open. I would recommend calling the restaurant before heading there just to make sure they are indeed open, and if they have seating available. A lot of restaurant chains have different hours based on location, so remember to double-check their holiday hours before you take a drive.




Burger King
Domino's Pizza
Krispy Kreme
Little Caesars Pizza
Papa John's Pizza
Pizza Hut

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Whether you are doing a traditional dinner at home or you decide to dine out, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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