The City of New Orleans announced yesterday that the two bodies still trapped in the partially collapsed Hard Rock Hotel will finally be removed soon.

Demolition at the construction site is on track to resume in a couple of weeks which will allow for removal of the bodies. A city spokesman said that progress is being made on getting three surrounding buildings taken down.

"As I said last week, we are seeing steady progress...we are on track for our timeline. Hopefully, recovery will begin on (July) the 13th," Mayor Cantrell's Director of Communications, Beau Tidwell said.

He said the process to recover the bodies of the two workers trapped should be done shortly after that.

"It could take four to five it may be closer to the 18th by the time we see a removal."

The Hard Rock on Canal Street partially collapsed on October 12, 2019. Three people died. One of the victims has already been removed.



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