They say that you have to laugh to keep from crying right?

While many of us are sobbing at the pump over the recent uptick in gas prices one Lafayette comedian is using the situation to lighten the mood. Regan Parker wears a lot of hats including local DJ and event host, but the one thing she does best is making people laugh.

Parker's videos can't be put into a box as her official social media accounts offer a wide variety of content ranging from her take on the latest TikTok trends or her unique takes and social commentary on whatever is happening in pop culture–both locally and nationwide.

One of her recent videos really struck a chord with the internet at large as she touched on a topic that everyone has been feeling lately: the pain at the pump. A few weeks ago, as gas prices were climbing (literally by the minute) Regan posted an "interview" with CNN where she talked about the difficult decision we faced—specifically in south Louisiana—when it came to filling up as gas prices soared to record highs.

Parker posts her videos on TikTok and other social media platforms under her alias KutUpKing100 and in this particular video, she makes the hilarious observation that people are enduring some of the worst gas prices in history in conjunction with Lent–a Catholic holiday where individual sacrifices are made including eating "no meat" on Fridays—which means seafood like crawfish, fish, and shrimp are extremely popular at this time of year.

Due to the high costs, Regan suggests that people are having to "choose between God and gas" amongst the other necessary purchases needing to be made at a time when fuel prices are out of control.

Commenters were in stitches almost immediately.

Facebook, Parker Regan
Facebook, Parker Regan

You can follow Parker on Instagram as well, where she shares even more of her hilarious content—specifically the local stuff.

Recently, she shared another "CNN interview" where she expressed frustration with local weather forecasts after Lafayette recently dodged a bullet of potential severe weather that was predicted to possibly bring hail and tornados to our area.

If you like Parker's videos, give her a follow at @_KutUpKing100 on all her social platforms, and prepare to laugh.

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