Politicians have a very unique way of passing the buck. When there is a topic or a subject that generates strong public opinion they do their best to just let it slide. That appears to be the option that the House Judiciary Committee has chosen to take in regards to a bill that would legalize marijuana for recreational use in Louisiana.

Instead of acting on the measure the Judiciary Committee has opted to neither kill or pass legislation authored by Representative Edmond Jordan. Instead, they will let the House Criminal Justice Committee take up the issue.

Jordan's proposal on legalized pot would include stipulations on how the product is manufactured, processed, and sold. Jordan's measure would allow for individual parishes to choose whether or not they would allow the sale and use of marijuana to be legal.

Jordan estimates his legislation could add almost $200 million in revenue to the state's coffers if approved. But, despite that political promise of more money for the state, there is opposition to the measure.

Those opposing Jordan's legislation cite issues with regulation and enforcement of statutes regarding marijuana. There are also those that say not enough is known about the effects of marijuana on the body.

Due to the inaction by the House Judiciary Committee, the process of approving or killing the measure will begin anew when the legislation is taken up the House Criminal Justice Committee later in the legislative session.

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