During Nirvana's short lived super-stardom, they only made one stop in New Orleans. Thankfully there is almost a full shows worth of audio!

To celebrate what would have been Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday, we found this audio from Nirvana's New Orleans show.

The recording is from an audience member, but actually came out pretty decent. The show happened at the UNO Lakefront Arena on December 3, 1993, a mere four months before Cobain committed suicide.

Only the first two songs are missing from the entire set in this recording. Other than that, it's the full show.

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, and Drain You are the two songs that are missing.

The rest of the set is as follows: Breed, Serve The Servants, Come As You Are, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Sliver, Dumb, In Bloom, About A Girl, Lithium, Pennyroyal Tea, School, Polly, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle, Milk It, Rape Me, Territorial Pissings, Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam, The Man Who Sold The World, All Apologies, Scentless Apprentice, Heart-Shaped Box,  Blew

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