Here in Louisiana, native animals frequently end up getting away from their natural habitats and into society. One man recently posted a photo of an alligator swimming through a New Orleans pharmacy parking lot, but many are wondering if the photo is real or fake.

The debate rages on in the comment section of a post that shows a pretty massive gator cruising through high waters in a Walgreens parking lot.


We have seen this happen countless times especially with alligators, who enjoy perusing about the places us humans frequent when inclimate weather causes flood waters. Even with it being a regular occurrence, spotting an alligator out where people could be is still shocking.


There seems to be a pretty even split between those who think that this is a 'Photoshopped' image of a gator in the parking lot and those who are purely concerned by the size and whereabouts of this lurking creature.

See the Facebook post for yourself, shared by Larry Miller on Facebook below.

Initially, I was also shocked by this big boy just cruising by cars in this New Orleans parking lot. But after digging through the comments and looking at the photo for a while, I've gotten more and more suspicious.

It looks like I am not alone.


The man who posted the photo of the gator has neither confirmed nor denied its existence in reality. Either way, people are definitely interested with the post having over 300 shares at the time this post was written.

So what do you say? Real or Fake?

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