Robotic law enforcement machines kinda like RoboCop may become a reality! While these won't be half man half machine a la the actual RoboCop, they'll be machines controlled by disabled policemen and veterans. The first run of these could be coming to New Jersey sooner than you might think. Read more on what they are expected to do.

From Cnet:

They would work as patrol officers, operating wheeled telepresence robots and doing everything from responding to 911 calls and writing parking tickets to ensuring the security of nuclear facilities. The cybercops would have to be rugged enough to work outdoors, but what would they look like?
"The big design hurdle we face is, strangely enough, the exact same hurdle police officers face with the public every day," Robins says.


"The telebot has to look intimidating and authoritative enough so that people obey its commands -- because of course it's not the telebot telling you what to do, it's the disabled police officer controlling the telebot who's telling you what to do.


"On the flip side, it has to be approachable enough so that a lost 3-year-old feels comfortable coming up to the telebot and asking for help finding her mother. That's a challenging design problem, and one which I'm sure will take many iterations before we get it perfectly right."

Apparently it's still unclear if these robots could actually stop a crime in progress, or they would just act as roving cameras.

What do you think? Are RoboCops the future of law enforcement?

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