This not-so-smart individual thought it would be a good idea to try to play the popular game Fruit Ninja in real life. To no one's surprise, It didn't work out.

Fruit Ninja is the game where fruit flies into the air, and you use your finger to swipe across your phone to "cut" the fruit, thus gaining points. The farther you go, the faster, and harder the game gets.

This guy has two swords, and takes to trying to cut real flying fruit. That is until he hits his hand with one of the blades.

His initial reaction is to scream, and cry a little bit. Then he passes out.

The rest of the video is just him being picked up by EMS, and his time at the hospital. There's no reason to watch further than the initial chop, and faint.

The video is NSFW due to language, and blood.

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