Tonight (5/18/19) we get a treat in the sky in the form of a rare "Blue Flower Moon". What is a "Blue Flower Moon"? Here's what you should know...

May's full moon is called a "Flower Moon" because of the blooms that happen this month. The second of two full moons in a month is called a "Blue Moon".

There are other situations in which we use the term "Blue Moon", but it gets all complicated and I'm not smart enough to explain it right. But, that's not important to what's happening this evening.

So tonight, we get both a "Flower Moon" and a "Blue Moon" hence why we call it a "Blue Flower Moon".

From -

"Very rarely, both types of blue moons happen in one year; this will occur in 2048, including a monthly blue moon in January and a seasonal one in August. Sometimes, the moon can actually appear blue during certain sky conditions, but it can't be predicted."

You can also watch the "Blue Flower Moon" in true dramatic fashion on the skyline of Rome HERE.

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