Mello Joy teamed up with UL to create a custom blend coffee!

The coffee blend is made with Arabica beans grown in Central America and South America. The beans are ground in New Orleans, and sent to Mello Joy in Lafayette the same day to package.

You can find the custom-blend Ragin’ CajunsTM French Roast Coffee at area Rouses, at the Ragin' Cajuns store, and on the Mello Joy site. It will be available at Albertson's, Drug Emporium and Associated Grocers stores, after Feb. 21.

Other products developed in partnership with the university include Louisiana Ragin’ CajunsTMGenuine Louisiana Ale; Louisiana Ragin’ CajunsTM Genuine Louisiana Lager; Ragin’ Red, a blend of spices; and the Ragin’ Cajun Burger, which is sold at Sonic Drive-Ins during football season.

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